Thursday, May 20, 2010

Officer Winston A. Culpepper

Officer Winston Aaron Culpepper
San Antonio Police Department, TX
Born: August 7, 1922
Cause of Death: Struck by vehicle
End of Watch: Saturday, September 11, 1954
Date of Incident: Saturday, September 11, 1954
Age: 32
Badge Number: 469
Tour of Duty: 2 yr
Suspect Info: 20-year old female driver
Weapon Used: Automobile
Buried: Stockdale Cemetery, Wilson County
Location of Name on National and Texas Monuments
NLEOMF: P25 - W14
TPOM: 01, C, 01

Officer Culpepper was stuck by an automobile and killed while he and Sergeant James Warrach investigated another fatal automobile-pedestrian accident on the 3300 block of South West Military Drive. Officer Culpepper and Sergeant Warrach had separate ends of a tape measure and were squatting to measure the skid marks when Sergeant Warrach saw an automobile approaching and called out, "Look out, Culpepper, you're going to get hit." Officer Culpepper had just finished writing the number "12" in his notebook. He grabbed the tape measure and attempted to leap clear at the same moment. Officer Culpepper was caught beneath the car and dragged 177 feet. He was removed to Santa Rosa Hospital where he died. A 20-year old female was charged with negligent homicide. -----source San Antonio Light

Officer Culpepper served in AMMI US Navy, World War II

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