Monday, May 24, 2010

In honor of those who gave all...

The purpose of this blog is to preserve the memory of Texas Peace Officer's killed in the line of duty within Bexar County. It has been a long journey researching the stories of each officer. In researching each story and finding the details of their tragic sacrifice, we have discovered intresting information on some. Starting on the first day of National Law Enforcement Week May, 9 to May 15, 2010; 10 or 11 random officers' stories will be posted until we have placed all 73 officers. There after, their story will be republished on the aniversary date they were taken from us, preffered with information about their life as we continue to gather new information.

This journey has been touching as I came across paths with the mother of one of our officers; who stated not only did she lose her oldest daughter but her youngest son. Each serving as Texas Peace Officer's, one from San Antonio Police Department and the other with Bexar County Sheriff's Office. Her daughter was the first female officer killed in the line of duty and her son was killed as a result of a domestic situation. She stated she had prayed no one forget her children. Ms. Calderon was informed they never will be.....but I ask those who knew any of our officers or have any information about our officers, please emaill to or visit us on Facebook.

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